Remember when I was going to blog more?

I figured I could try to sneak in a blog post real quick before it's fall so at least I can say I blog once-per-season.

It's been quite the summer on my end!  I've shot weddings every weekend since June (except for one weekend I took off) and I have to tell you, it's been glorious!  Wedding photography is extremely exhausting, but also very rewarding.  I love the little moments that may go unnoticed- the way the bride's mom's eyes glisten with tears when she steps back and sees her daughter in her dress, the little booty shake when the flower girl finally gets to get out on the dance floor, the grandparent's glances at one another during the vows of their grandchild and their new partner... it's all powerful and wonderful.

As we move into fall, we also move into "family photo season", which is equally glorious!  I love to see that familial love, ornery smiles from the littlest ones in the family, and I especially love pulling mom and dad aside to get a couple photos of just them.  

So thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to celebrate your various forms of love with you.  I feel incredibly lucky every day to have the clients I have and to be doing what I love.  

Maybe I'll blog more in the fall, but let's not place any bets on it, ok? Happy almost-end-of-summer!



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