Kaitlin + Jon

DIY weddings are hard to pull off, but they are my favorites because so much careful thought and attention goes into each detail.  Each part of the day is set with intention.  Kaitlin and Jon's wedding was no exception. 

Kaitlin's beautiful bouquet was designed by Gillespie Florists and the other florals were equally stunning.  The soft blues carried through other elements of the bridal attire and meshed perfectly with the deep, natural greens of the venue- Sarkine Park in Avon.

One of my favorite guests at the ceremony was a beautiful blue butterfly that Jon's Best Man pointed out to me before things got started.  Often people see butterflies as signs of loved ones or of beautiful impending change.  I thought it was quite moving and appropriate for this lovely color-coordinating butterfly to be awaiting the ceremony with the rest of us!

Jon was stirring with anticipation before Kaitlin walked down the aisle, accompanied by her father.  When she came into view I witnessed a joyful calm wash over his face and that's what it's all about... that wonderful peaceful joy when you're about to promise to spend your life with your best friend.

Jon's vows were lovely and full of wonderful sentiments.  He was shocked when Kaitlin was brought her ukulele and sang a clever song with her vows and promise that he would always have her love. It was a delightful and fun surprise for both the guests and Jon!

The guests threw celebratory bird seed that ended up in the bride and groom's clothes, hair and flowers.  It was both adorable and amusing.  The birds had a feast that night, for sure!

Not one minute after we finished getting some formal photos of friends and family at the ceremony site, the sky opened up and it POURED rain.  Thankfully some guests carried my equipment back on a golf cart and I got a refreshing cool-down. 

The reception was a laid-back celebration with dancing, great food (I've had dreams about that mac and cheese), and a beautiful cake by Brenda's Cakes.  Jon and Kaitlin had fun feeding each other their cake and toasting to a long happy life together.  The music was phenomenal and when I complimented Shelby McMahon and her husband (Shelby Sound Solutions) on the great selection of tunes, they gave full credit to Kaitlin and Jon for choosing almost all of the songs and being the most organized clients they had worked with.  

I'm so thankful I got to be part of documenting this fun day! Lots of hard work went into this wedding and I know there will be many happy years together for Kaitlin and Jon.

Whitney Moore