Gearing up for wedding season: What every photographer starts doing when Spring arrives

Winter is coming. Wait- that's not right. Spring has sprung and I've been getting prepared for wedding season to be in full-swing. While I have already photographed a wedding in 2019, there is something different about the feel of back-to-back wedding weekends. It's quite the groove and I'm so looking forward to it.

"Gearing up" is literal as a photographer, and here are a few things that help me get prepped:

  • Check all of your equipment. It’s time to lay out all of your gear and double check that everything has been cleaned and repaired/replaced for the year. It’s great to hold your equipment and make sure you took care of it in the off-season.

  • Really consider what you might want to add to your “collection” this wedding season. Is there a prism you’ve had your eye on? Some new extension tubes for macro shots? Maybe there is a lens you’ve been renting and you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase it for the 2019 season… now is the time to set those goals and make a list.

  • Evaluate your wardrobe. Did you remember to toss those shoes you said you’d never ever wear to another wedding? Do you have enough flexibility (and modesty) in the outfits you gravitate towards? For me, I like to ensure I have enough pockets in my wedding outfits!

  • Are your timeline templates updated? Make those little changes now, so you don’t get stuck having to do them all in the busy weeks before your weddings.

A lot of getting ready is getting enough sleep regularly, keeping up on your cardio, and ensuring your ibuprofen bottles are all stocked Hope you all feel a bit more prepped and confident in your wedding-preparedness!