Stewart + Paul

Stewart and Paul have one of the sweetest, cutest love stories I’ve heard. I don’t normally share this part of my client’s story, but it’s too cute to skip!

The scene: an American, an Australian, a bar, and March Madness. Stewart was living in Melbourne on a year-long visa with her best friend (and bridesmaid), Maggie. It was the height of March Madness and the ladies decided to head out to a local bar to try to watch the game. Paul was in at the same bar in Melbourne as part of an end-of-season trip with his cricket team when he spotted a couple women watching American Basketball. Curious, he headed over to chat with them, eventually talking Stewart into playing a few rounds of pool with him and asking her to dinner that evening. They enjoyed a great meal and conversation that continued into the wee hours of the morning as they walked around the city. With Paul flying home the next morning and Stewart on a limited-time stay, their future was unclear. They spoke on the phone daily after their date and have spoken daily ever since. They have been together for over seven years and are embarking on their newest adventure- a life in America as a married couple.

On the Friday of their wedding the weather was cool and overcast, which will be an important detail later in the story! I headed to Stewart’s parent’s home and was greeted by a smiley bride and the sweetest bridesmaids. I was also delighted to meet both the bride and groom’s mothers, who were as kind and warm as could be. Lori Boykin was already hard-at-work finishing up the final touches to everyone’s makeup, keeping the conversation fun and light. Stewart’s hair was already perfectly styled by Becky Gilbert at Paris Salon, so we quickly moved into some fun portraits!

Soon it was time to head to Mustard Seed Gardens, where their coordinator, Coleen, was waiting for us. I’ve had the privilege of working with Colleen before and this woman doesn’t. miss. a. thing. She quickly escorted us into the perfectly prepped Bridal Suite where Stewart was helped into her stunning Stella York gown by her sister, Natalie (Matron of Honor) and her mother. She purchased her dress in Melbourne, and getting it to Indiana was more than worth it- every detail was breathtaking! Her bouquet of calla lilies and Lilies of the Valley was designed and arranged by Rusted Window.

Paul and his jolly groomsmen arrived shortly after Stewart was “hidden away” and the men enjoyed a beer and some laughs while they jokingly had their photos taken. They looked incredibly dapper in their suits from Generation Tux. Tom, the bride’s father, reviewed his speech and awaited his first-look with Stewart. I think Stewart was unexpectedly emotional when she got to see her dad- her eyes glistened and she fanned her eyes to keep tears at-bay. Next was her first look with Paul. We got him into position outside as Stewart walked up behind him under a blossoming tree. Paul was floored and there were more than one set of misty-eyes! When the groomsmen joined them outside, Paul proudly showed her off with Stewart’s brother Jack beaming on. We moved into some fun group portraits before ceremony-time!

The ceremony was officiated by the bride’s brother-in-law (and husband to the Matron of Honor), Scott. Stewart’s 91 year-old grandmother was a very honored guest and was gently escorted down the aisle ahead of the processional. The bridesmaids glided toward the altar in their flowing lavender gowns and when Stewart walked out of the building to make her journey down the aisle- I KID YOU NOT- the clouds parted and the sun shone on her. It was truly magical.

After a beautiful ceremony, it was time for food, drink, and dancing! A delicious dinner catered by A Cut Above Catering was enjoyed by all (I’m pretty sure I’ve never had better mashed potatoes in my life) with a fantastic playlist curated by the bride and groom. Brian with PBJ Pro DJs kept the tunes flowing all night! I’ve worked with Brian in the past as well and can honestly say he’s one of the best in the biz- true professionalism through and through. Stewart and Paul cut and delicately shared a beautiful cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes before the party truly got started. I have to say, the Aussies kept things lively on the dance floor and I even learned a few new songs and moves!

It was an absolutely perfect wedding for a completely lovely couple- the kind of work day that makes me pinch myself in wonder that this is my job! Wishing Stewart and Paul many continued years of happiness together with as much time around friends and family as possible. I have a feeling their bursting hearts will bridge the geographical distance!

Whitney Moore