Esthela + DJ

June 8th, 2019

Esthela and DJ’s wedding day fell in the middle of this Spring’s monsoon season. I was fully prepped to come armed with umbrellas and ponchos. By some miracle, we ended up with a perfect, sun-filled day. I ventured up to South Bend, the groom’s hometown, and was absolutely stunned when I came upon their venue, Tippecanoe Place. Photos don’t do this place justice! A historic home of the Studebaker family, this restaurant and event venue is dripping in architectural detail and charm.

The day kicked off with a few nerves, but a lot of smiles. Esthela gifted her father a beautiful handkerchief and we moved right into DJ’s and Esthela’s first look. DJ was buzzing with excitement and the pure joy on Esthela’s face made the wait worth it! One of the most touching emotions of the day was DJ’s overflowing joy pre-ceremony. Esthela was glowing as her father walked her through the room of their family and friends and to the base of the grand staircase. The ceremony was one of my favorites to-date, leaving few dry eyes in the house.

The mood only grew more jubilant into the evening with the best DJ (disc-jockey, not the groom) kicking off the party and keeping the dancing lively and fresh. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be part of preserving Esthela and DJ’s wonderful wedding day for the rest of their lives and far into the future!

Coordinator: Jasmine Flickner, Tippecanoe Place

Hair and makeup:

Dress: W.Too from LuxeRedux Bridal

Uniforms/Menswear: US Military and Men’s Wearhouse

Rings: Gold Casters Fine Jewelry

Florist: Leah Ramanujan , Flora Dashery

Invitations/Stationary: Basic Invite

Catering: Tippecanoe Place

Cake: Sweets by Frushour

DJ: Bov Knows Music: Scott Bovenkerk

Whitney Moore