Downtown Indianapolis Elopement

I met Alan and Galina on one of the most important days of their lives- their wedding day.  The two of them, their officiant, myself, and a few far-off bystanders witnessed the beautiful and quiet love between them as they pledged their lives to one another.

The circle is one of my favorite places to be in the early hours of the day.  It's so peaceful with the hushed buzz of a promised busy day ahead.  The monument is lovely and the buildings around are so impressive, but watching people go by and wondering what their day holds is what is the most magical.

Magical is certainly the word I would use to describe what the day held for Alan and Galina.  We took some photos before their ceremony and I enjoyed seeing how playful they are and how comfortable their love is.

When the time came for their marriage ceremony, they each brought their own vows that they spoke tenderly to one another after sweet words from the officiant.  While the ceremony was private I will share that the vows were equally amusing as they were sweet.  Glittery-eyed glances were exchanged with tender touches and they sealed their promises with big smiles and a loving kiss.

Their choice to elope was one of convenience and not secrecy, but it felt like such an honor to be part of this massive occasion done in such a simple way.  Wishing them a lifetime of happy years together!