The Day My Website Died

Ok, ok. So I accidentally killed it. I’ve also killed my fair share of house plants, but I’ve kept 4 small humans alive and I think that more than balances things out.

While making some changes to my website, I lost quite a bit of the more personalized content (text, headers, etc), so please be patient with me while I tirelessly work to get this new and improved website up and running.

I’m actually very excited about some of the fun stuff coming your way! There is now a space to subscribe to my newsletter, more streamlined portfolio-viewing, and a fun new “about me” section. Watch for updated on upcoming events and hopefully a better design that reflects my brand and shares more about what kind of experience you will enjoy when booking a session with me.

And if you feel like sharing your own technical goof-ups to comfort me, I’m all about that!

Below: all the wine I envisioned consuming last night right after I couldn’t find my website at all…

Whitney MooreComment